Are all of your wines “dry”?

All our wines are sugar-free. In that technical sense, they are all “dry”.

However, the wines still have a variety of textures, flavors, and mouthfeel.

When a wine ages in oak or soaks on the grape skins, tannins build in the wine. These tannins give your mouth the sensation of dryness. It can feel like moisture is sucked out of your gums. Some people love this.

Other wines are less tannic and have more of a fruity profile (fresh raspberries and cherries). These wines, while technically dry, will taste sweeter.

So while all the wines we curate are sugar-free, there is still a broad range of taste profiles among the wines.

Where else can I buy your wines?

At this time, we only sell our wines through our online wine club. This is to ensure that you can receive them at the best price and enjoy the best possible experience drinking them.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We never like saying goodbye to our friends but we always understand. You can cancel at any time from your Account page here – https://www.dryfarmwines.com/account – and clicking to edit your subscription.

That said, we’re always here to make your experience better. If you’d like to just postpone your deliveries for a few months rather than cancel, email us at service@dryfarmwines.com. Our club members often choose this option rather than cancelling so they don’t miss out on the wines we will be sharing in a few months.

Let us know! We’re happy to adjust your subscription as needed.

How do I make changes to my subscription?

You can change your subscription at any time by going to the “My Account” page on the website. From there, you can review your upcoming orders, modify your delivery schedule, update your shipping and billing info, or cancel your membership.


There’s a specific wine I LOVED. Can I get more of that?

Of course! We’d love to get you the wines you love most, if we have them in stock.

Many of our wines come from small winemakers in Europe. As such, they are often only available in limited quantities.

While this may be disappointing if the wine you love isn’t available, it’s ultimately an amazing thing.

It means these wines aren’t being mass-produced.
It means we’re always purchasing a wide variety of new wines for you to enjoy.
And it means that, when you open your box and finally see that wine you love smiling back at you (or one similar to it), you’ll appreciate it even more.

Email us at service@dryfarmwines.com with the subject “I loved this wine” and list the name of the wine and a photo of the bottle. That will ensure we have all the info we need.

Can I send a gift package to someone?

Yes! We’ll be adding this to our website soon, but in the meantime just email us atservice@dryfarmwines.com with the following information and we’ll make it happen.

  • Receivers name and shipping address (no PO Boxes)
  • Email (for tracking number)
  • Phone number
  • 6 or 12 bottles
  • Red, white, or mixed bottles
  • Date you would like it shipped (expect 5-7 business days if you’re shipping to the East Coast)
  • Any note you would like included in the box
Can I order a one-time purchase?


However, fair warning, these wines might change your life. That’s real feedback we’ve gotten from customers. This will be the cleanest wine you’ve ever drank. You’ll be surprised how great you feel while drinking it, and how great you feel after. And then we’re pretty confident you’ll want more.

To place a one-time purchase, sign up for the “every other month” subscription and then you’ll have 60 days to enjoy the wines. If you do decide to cancel your membership after that first shipment, that’s totally fine. You can cancel from your Account page here – https://www.dryfarmwines.com/account – and clicking to edit your subscription. There are no cancellation fees.

If you have any additional questions about this, email us at service@dryfarmwines.com and we’ll be glad to help.


Can I order just one bottle?

No, not at this time. There are a few reasons we don’t offer this:

  1. If we let you order just one bottle, you’d drink it today, fall madly in love, and then go crazy waiting for your next shipment. We’ve seen it happen too many times. Because we care about you, we won’t let it happen to you.
  2. The wines we curate may be your first introduction to pure, natural wine. We’ve learned that customers need to enjoy a few bottles before fully understanding and appreciating this cleaner style.
  3. We care about the environment. And your wallet. Shipping in 6 bottle increments helps us save tremendously on both.

Your satisfaction is our goal. While we understand the desire to order just one bottle, we know you’ll ultimately benefit from and appreciate our regular shipments.

When will my package arrive?

Deliveries to the west coast usually arrive in 2-3 business days. As you move farther east, deliveries take a little longer, up to 5-7 business days. Shortly after your order is placed, you’ll get an email with a tracking number. That will tell you the exact day when you should expect your box. We call that the Happy Day.

Can I request my package to not have a signature required upon delivery?

Because we are shipping alcohol, our delivery partners require that all packages get a signature upon delivery.

Some customers choose to ship their packages to a work address or to a neighbor/friend if they know they can’t be home to sign.

While this can be a little inconvenient, it does have its benefits as well. It ensures you actually receive this delicious shipment of wine (you don’t want a random stranger drinking your bottles!). It also ensures the wine isn’t left outside in the heat or cold. We want the wine to stay at its ideal temperature so it touches your lips with the same delicacy that it would have if you drank it with us.

Why can’t you ship to Utah?

Utah is the only state where it’s illegal to ship alcohol into the state (http://abc.utah.gov/laws/law_faqs.html).

We’re working to find a solution. If you’re in Utah but can have wine shipped somewhere else (like to a UPS station near the border – yeah, we’ve done that a couple times and it’s legal), let us know!

Otherwise, let us know you’re interested here and we’ll let you know once we can ship to you.

Can you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes! We definitely can.

Because of our shipping costs, there is a $49 shipping charge for deliveries to these states. While that’s a little more expensive than the other 48 states (it’s free shipping everywhere else), at least you get to live in Hawaii or Alaska. So you’re kinda winning at life, am I right?

Can you ship to Europe/Canada/Australia?

At this time, no 🙁

However, we are working on this! If you’d like to be notified when international shipping is available, please let us know