Cloud Based SKU Management

for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers

SKUforce is a single web metadata repository for managing enterprise content and product information across the extended enterprise. SKUforce is a must have master data management platform that increases multi-channel marketing efficiency and simplifies eCommerce data gathering. SKUforce empowers data compliance, data governance, data stewardship, data quality and data syndication initiatives among retail and manufacturing global 2000 companies and growing SMBs alike. Much as how multiple stakeholders in the real estate industry rely on the MLS, or how online banking provides real-time access to your finances, SKUforce bridges the gaps in Product – SKU management, and Item Classification for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

A Single System of Trusted Information

What if you could have customized DataCards that capture and reflect your specific needs without compromise? What if your marketing, packaging, manufacturing, procurement, product management and design data elements were dynamically shared, interrelated, inherited and synchronized automatically? What if information created during the New Product Development (NPD) cycle was instantly available to relevant departments? What if all content was available with instant google-like access by the right people from anywhere within your organization?

Reduce Time-to-Market

for New Product Introductions

Just imagine the speed at which your company could introduce new products to remain competitive, and the formidable reduction in product development, content management and data syndication costs you could achieve, by eliminating delays in the New Product Development cycle. Now imagine, for a fraction of the total cost of the dysfunctional multi-million dollar systems, a next generation master data framework that is quick to visualize value, easy to deploy and use, and designed for the inevitable changes in use case scenarios.

Streamline Product Information Management

& Channel Marketing

The SKUforce platform brings obvious, far-reaching hard and soft benefits to the Enterprise. Data is easy to enter into the system, visibility is high and the resultant rich data is highly mobile. This significantly reduces operational overhead due to shortened life cycles, increases reliability and deliverability of mission critical data, and reduces data management costs and increases overall profits.

Web Services for Data Integration,

Synchronization and Multi-channel Marketing

With the SKUforce web services API, your rich data and cross-media content is effortlessly accessible by all of your e-partners and distribution channels. SKUforce ensures your Web Channel Marketing initiatives take full advantage of your rich content, while also promoting data consistency world-wide.

Global Metadata Repository

Whether your business is located at a single site or geographically dispersed, you need a global single repository where your product information is accurate, streamlined, easily accessible and changeable both within the company and across the web with external retail partners. The absence of a single system of record results in low quality data, data duplication and redundancies, isolated data silos, fragmented data in various applications and databases, and an overall data nightmare with an almost impossible methodology to enter and locate real time information.